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Your first visit should take approximately 30-45 minutes and will include a comprehensive consultation and exam, as well as state of the art neurological and posture scans. Depending on what our doctors find through the examination will determine whether or not an adjustment will take place on the first visit.  We may need additional time to review our findings to determine the best type of adjustment for your specific needs.

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Your second visit, which we refer to as your report of findings visit, should take about 30 minutes as well, and one of our team doctors will go over all of the findings from your exam and answer any questions you may have for her. They will give you specific recommendations, will discuss with you what that will look like time wise and financially, and will adjust you based on her findings and recommendations, and your specific needs and goals.

After your report of findings visit and once you decide to accept care, you'll come in for your specific adjustment. These visits will be much quicker, from about 5-10 minutes each. If other recommendations are made, our doctors will discuss how we can achieve them and the time it will take to do so.  

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