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Neuro-thermal technology, surface electromyography (sEMG), & heart rate variability are cutting edge technologies used in our office to assess the nervous system’s functionality & track your progress during your healing journey.

  • concrete data to track results

  • focused adjustments based on nervous system function

  • enhance benefits of chiropractic care

  • non-invasive

  • zero radiation

  • takes only minutes to scan

  • safe for everyone!

Health & wellness is within reach with Cumming Family Chiropractic. Your body is designed to feel well, express health, & thrive. Let your innate healing systems function to their greatest potential with regular chiropractic care. Common reasons to see us:

  • general wellness

  • fatigue

  • anxiety & difficulty sleeping

  • pain & discomfort

  • increasing natural immunity

  • brain fog & difficulty focusing

  • digestive disorders

  • headaches

A system that's in balance & functioning to its fullest potential is the foundation for a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Diana is certified in the Webster technique, a pregnancy focused analysis & adjustment. Common reasons to see us during & post pregnancy:

  • nausea, reflux, & indigestion

  • sciatica & pelvic pain

  • fatigue & difficulty sleeping

  • round ligament pain

  • rib & back pain

  • optimal baby positioning

  • postpartum healing & realignment

Rapid neurological development occurs during the first few years of life. Chiropractic care facilitates proper growth & development creating a foundation of health for a lifetime. Common reasons for babies & kids to see us:

  • constipation or irregularity

  • ear infections

  • torticollis

  • colic

  • sleep disruptions

  • allergies & respiratory conditions

  • sense of well being, contentedness, & peace

  • optimal developmental progress

what does an infant adjustment look like?

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