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Welcome to Cumming Family Chiropractic, where wellness meets convenience in the heart of the Cumming City Center! We're here to elevate your chiropractic experience.

We're not just about adjustments, we're about empowerment. Our membership-style approach means you can prioritize your health without the hassle. Specializing in pediatrics and perinatal care, we're passionate about supporting moms-to-be and little ones on their journey to optimal health. But don't worry, we welcome clients from all walks of life with open arms!

Say goodbye to those aches and pains and hello to a vibrant, balanced life with Cumming Family Chiropractic.

Book your appointment today and let's begin this wellness journey together! 





From pain relief to wellness care, we provide a comprehensive assessment and a customized plan to help you reach your specific health and wellness goals.

We support mom & baby with specific adjustments to align the body. This allows for proper biomechanics and brain/body connection, making your pregnancy as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Children go through so many changes as they grow. Chiropractic helps their nervous system function optimally, allowing for proper growth and overall health.

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