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Whether you have an acute issue or long term struggles, an individualized treatment plan might be your best choice if you're looking to hit specific goals, especially in a short period of time.

While we never offer "pop + pray" style adjusting (where you're 'popped' everywhere possible and your chiropractor "prays" you feel better when you leave), an individualized treatment plan offers specific recommendations based on the starting point of your nervous system, your history, and your unique goals. 

These plans vary in frequency and duration, so exact pricing quotes are difficult.


Check out our per visit pricing sheet to see what our maximum fees are per service. 



If you're not sure where to start, don't have specific goals, but know the importance of chiropractic care in staying well, these plans might work well for you. Our team of doctors will always consult with you to help you decide if this is the right route for you, but for many of our practice members, our wellness plans keep them feeling amazing.

We offer weekly, twice monthly, and once monthly wellness plans. Just like the gym, the more frequent and consistent you are, the better your results will be. Each option includes a yearly wellness exam.


Check out our wellness memberships for pricing info!

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