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From pain relief to wellness care, we provide a comprehensive assessment and a customized plan to help you reach your specific health and wellness goals.

We support mom & baby with specific adjustments to align the body. This allows for proper biomechanics and brain/body connection, making your pregnancy as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Children go through so many changes as they grow. Chiropractic helps their nervous system function optimally, allowing for proper growth and overall health.





Give the
Gift of Health

Experience the joy of giving with CFC this season! December's $47 exam fee (normally $100) isn't just for your health; it's a lifeline for two kids in need of our care. Each person you refer for a $47 exam enters you to win fantastic local prizes totaling up to $1000 and the entire $47 is donated to 2 families in need! Plus, when your friend or family member joins, they receive a $100 credit toward their care. It's a win-win! Your support means the world to us and to those we serve. Join our mission and let's make a difference together! 🎁💪

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we're moving to the new cumming city center in 2024

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